Wednesday, April 29, 2009

THESE HANDS / SP with Misty Mawn

Ah, daddio~never thought i could love another man as i loved and respected the YOUNESS, you gave us, growing up. Such fragileness in a strong man in all ways. When you thought mom would die from cancer...I saw soft tears and such faith in my strong daddy as you prayed with us to accept what was to come. Such humor and love I hold in my heart from you. As you tumbled on the floor with all my siblings, tickling, joking, delighting in them, loving them as you do now. Making bikes, scooters, sleds, skate boards etc. for us and then trying them out first. How i loved "ol" blue girl"...going off curbs, slippin' and slidin' in the gutter, the wind in my sweaty hair, oh the freedom! And last but not least, the gift of knowing how a child feels when their parent plays WITH in the street, running those bases, teaching fairness and considerations of the younger ones. And not running away when the broken windows looked like the end of all fun! Those neighborhood ladies loved you as much as the rest of us and probably never charged you
for the broken pieces, eh?! xoxoxoxoxo
How I love you mama, for always loving me in all my imperfections, always always unconditionally. Watching you love and hold every neighborhood child that needed extra hugs and kisses or explanations, like... not holding hardness in their hearts against their own parents. For feeding the soul of every person crossing your path. Your sweetness, gentleness yet fast and hard strength to be able to tackle anything and anyone (need be)! Your smiles, your freshness, your innocence...your mama's love to all! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Below is my self portrait for Wednesday. I was going to keep it short and sweet, but...
Oh the stories these hands hold. Raising 8 children. These hands reach across the world that have touched and modeled how we all should be.
Everyone that have been in these hands have learned such profoundness in how to...
place our hands in prayer~strength to endure anything~love and accept everyone~the power to forgive, love unconditionally~the power of humor and laughter~giving, giving, and giving some more~reveling in others~walking in the other mans shoes~questioning not, the other man's decisions~learning more, loving more, growing more and more and more...xoxoxoxoxo Our Mother's Hands
Holding Fast to his children, yet letting them soar, Hands

Teaching by Modeling Hands

Power of Prayer