Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jane Royal, Alisa Burke and some APPLES!!!

We brought in so many apples from our tree...they are Granny Smith.
We planted them with apple pies in mind...Ergo...a green apple pie...annnd a
"yournmine" (yours and mine) taste test, before company gets here...:))

BOY, that didn't take long, i'm here to say!!!

and friend jane over at: showed all of us, how she cleaned up her studio...
she really got me fact this wasn't the only thing revamped...that was on to the next day of cleaning...

i COULD NOT STAND my paint and work table anymore, esp. after miss "tidy" showed and telled!
Annnd i started losing too many things because it was all like ONE BIG CAMOUFLAGE!
soooo...on went the white gesso...

YOU, wouldn't have been able to resist this, EITHER! :))

all dried and ready for action...and ya' just know...there is going to be a constant temptation to paint right on this big white canvas (table) that will forever be calling me!!!
i'll let ya' know just how long i last!!!

Alisa Burke, put a little tutoring of little monsters on her blog awhile ago: and so i brought this idea to my afterschool kids (this is my paying job) and they dug in!!!! Then i also told them we were going green, recycling all those toilet paper rolls we save...they laughed and ryan piped up with, "well, we'll never run out of these, mrs. miller"...baahhhhhhaaaa

and this was cat day, this is by our little 2nd grader, Alisa...i thought this was marvelous!

and then our little kindergartener, sydney, copied her...
we had another one of those teachable moments...
"look what you've done, alisa, you've taught a kinder how to draw wonderful kitties"!!!" Happy Weekend to my wonderful friends and fellow bloggers!