Tuesday, September 3, 2013


 July of 08, 5 years ago, I had the opportunity to learn from a marvelous special teacher.
so talented, humorous, and a grand human being.
one class was plaster and wax...
and the other on jewelry. I was so grateful for her time, her words, her deepness that I had to send something to her in gratitude.
she even talked me into not backing out of sales night, after my sassy sister told her what was going on.
I made enough sales to pay for my entire trip on this art retreat!
I gathered so much courage from this special person...a GRATEFUL HEART sent her this piece from me.
I sure did surprise her, our birthdays  are only 2 days apart, so I sent it then. I LOVE her deeply, still.
 Probably 9 or 10 years ago, I made art dolls.
I loved making them...but I started making so many commissions that it burned me out and it lost it's magic for me...
 my very favorite part was making different costumes
and accessories from them.
this one, I made a rattan crocheted bag and if you peer closely..
she has teeny weeny shells sewn on her dress.
 this was the beginnings of an collage artist ;)
it was so much fun!
 I started making fabric paper as well and dyeing more cheese cloth for the collages..
then I wanted to do my own paintings IN them and OVER the collage...
so I started painting.
 she is going to get a redo...blue face bye bye, soon...
I might start showing my OLD with the NEW. it's really a treat that we have photos saved, eh?
I've been trying to figure out why my blog seems boring...or maybe it's because so many of us are on face book? I don't really have the magic answer, but shall try to step it up and keep my integrity!
any added suggestions are always welcomed from me ;)