Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vacation with my 3 sisters and one collage painting...and wish i could have brought that coastal weather HOME!

these are little teeny sail boats, belonging to a camp for wee children to learn basic sailing...when we rented our little electric boat (bigger than the kid's boats) we didn't know we'd have to avoid them all over the harbour...and can you imagine being a counselor with your megaphone shouting orders and trying to keep the chaos to a minimum, as they loved falling out of their about an amusing adventure!!!!
cookie, my sister, was our captain on our electric boat for the day...we were in newport and here she is with a mouthful of "cheeze its"...lets hear it for "cheeze" its on the water, yeah!!!! strolling along the sidewalks in seal beach...i love these things that grow out of the palm trees...i'd love to take just one home to hang from the ceiling...they are sooo pretty, eh?! ...and here on the beach i was amusing myself...seriously, i laughed till i cried...i was messing around with my scarf and instead of putting it back on "all cool lookin'"...i tied it on like an older lady...yeah, older than i am for your enjoyment as well as mine a second go round...if ya' didn't already know...i am easily amused!!!

graffiti in a beach town...i know alot of you dig this as i do!!! here's our littlest sister with her new "jackie o" shades...oh candy, you are soooo funnny!!! xo thought i should show at least one painting...this is an oldie but goodie, which i had changed after having sanding down some of the extra ephemeral pieces underneath...or else she would have had a bearded cloth net thing hanging off her chin and neck...go figure...never thought i'd resort to sanding my mixed media...but i bet there are others out there that already have!!!