Saturday, November 17, 2012

Brown Paper Bags?

 sooooo....remember the last post, making paper flowers?
 welll...when i posted them on face book, someone wanted to buy them (they weren't meant for that) but what the heck?
 sooo...tonight while i  was painting...i looked over on one of my BUSY walls and saw this gessoed piece of burlap...then i noticed a giant brown gift back, stashed under a table...
 YEP...all ready to put a gift in it!!!
 the paper flowers were made from these...
simply, gessoed newspaper, just a single ply...
this one i altered pink, so you could see what it looks like, better..
very FUN, easy, and INexpensive project!!!
YES, i still paint pictures and have been working on 4 of them off and on...they aren't coming easy...but i know it will all be worth while!