Monday, November 21, 2011

SUPPORTIVE friends, a world of wealth...

 i jumped out of my car when i arrived at work last week, ran under one of the chinese pistache trees and shot many day these were just beginning to change and then overnight they turned so magnificent. they are all over the campus and so INSPIRATIONAL!!!
 i don't usually frame my work with glass on them, but for some reason i really liked the trasformation the glass gave this simple painting...and then i loved how the photo shows the reflection of a window on the left :))
i have so much fun experimenting...always...while taking one of misty's classes i didn't have watercolor paints so tried turning my acryrlics into just that (it's done all the time i hear). any hoo, that's how i painted this one, with a little ink to outline. while painting it, i was THINKING of mistie and her words and her support and thought it looked like her...but then when i was done...i thought...this doesn't look like her at all, but happily i thought..."i love the feel, the emotions this has turned out and THAT'S just why mistie's paintings drew me in in the first place"! This was quite awhile back and now she sits on the San Clemente Pier in Southern California...for sale my niece's space...if she doesn't sell, i won't be sad...honest...i maybe should have saved her...we shall see what's meant to be! and i don't usually get so attached to my work...has this happened to you?

The previous post was a hasty trial at posting on BLOGGERS new modern version...i still have to learn so much, but know it's good for me :))