Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas Angels and Texture Town (julie prichard and chris cozens)!

I've just started in last night with my hanging, christmas angels...i love doing these to give to my friends...and i'm more loose and learn so much from they speak to me, probably "hey, give me a better nose than THAT one"...and then i may or may not oblige...the power is in my paint brush...;))!

Well, last night when i finished this...not quite...i had heart palpitations (good ones) i was so excited. i am taking julie prichard's texture class and i am more than happy about it...

this is not the best of photos but will do for now...i was planning to paint a woman's head in the flatish yellowish area...but not sure now!be sure to re-size larger to get a better peek!
Happy Happy friday mi amigas!!!!