Wednesday, February 8, 2012

tHAT'S pROGRESS...i gUESS! hmmph...

 a happy funny thing happened to me a couple of months ago.
i walked into our placer arts center, asking for my portfolio, so i could update it and make changes...something i have yet to do, whew!
 the woman in charge flipped through my book and later i painted this at her suggestion for the front cover of the February Arts Perspective Magazine...she said, not to get my hopes up, so many people apply for this and few manage to make it...i said, no matter, whatever is meant to be...
 well, then i got a phone call from the publisher who said i WAS chosen for the front cover in february. WHOO HOO, i was floating around for awhile. and then....
i popped in to the arts building asking when the mag is coming out.
"oh wanda, i am so so sorry. it was all ready to go to press and our funds were cut so drastically this year that we have had to re-vamp our entire system. in fact we are going to have the mag on the internet from now on. your little painting will still be on the front cover, only smaller. it WILL be in color as there are many pieces that will be in black and white". (so very sad for the entire institution, not just for wanda)
so...when they get it together, they are having more than one problem you can guess, i will let you know so that you can look it up, if you care to. boo happens.
and here is a wip, DREADLOCK GIRL...i did it for an excercise in misty's class and someone suggested i take her further...duh, i shall! :)
I have enjoyed the recent e-mails immensely as well!