Saturday, July 9, 2011

Life's bitter sweet MOMENTS...

this sold today in south dakota, in the stagecoach gallery. thank you MARY!

and a good little story with it: a young mother with a miraculous preemie baby, said, "i have to have this" and bought it up.

i love the stories, i adore the stories, the stories are important and life lifting!

i am so in love with these fishing nets, they are every where and all over the place in this town we stay in...santa catalina, panama. it's difficult to capture them on camera, they are so light colored, made out of plastic. catalina is a fishing village first and then all the rest came later...including us.

theron (future son-in-law) and i cooked breakfast together every morning. it was such fun with someone so young, eager and hill air eee us! he was a little scared of how fresh or "what else should we know about these eggs"...seriously


so, the fam was out on the town (village) in catalina one night. erin (daughter) asked us where the banos was...we pointed, it was very very dark, the door was open, she went in and closed that door. in walked this young panamanian gent, into the men's banos (he's cute too) and he got all flustered and stood there apologizing then left :)

later that night, the younger part of our family went back over to the restaurant to enbibe and dance...we older folk could hear a bit of the laughter and music! (FED OUR SOULS, as we ourselves laid in bed and laughed)

she met up with this guy and he said he was so sorry, he would be over in the morning to give her free surfing lessons, if she was interested...

well she is still going to marry Theron, but she did learn to surf before we left panama!

i'm lettin' it all hang out today...this is my mom and my sister cookie on this last mother's day.

my mama is so sick right now and i simply ask for prayers and good thoughts for our family, esp. for her and dad. they are both 83, in so much pain and i'll spare ya' all the rest of the details. Love and Good Paintings to my Fellow ARTEESTS!