Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Her life's Tapestry

Life's Tapestry
Choosing the way with strong foundations...
the weft, many colors and combinations,
yarns, fabric and even metals.

There were soothing silks entertwined with
nubby noils, sometimes uneven with trials.

With pure thoughts she chose natural cottons,
colored with ideas, she dyed cloth for changes.

She wove intentional holes of opportunity,
randomly spaced, and combined different
materials to pique interest for all!

Colors kept changing with new ideas,
then tangled with indecision.

At times there were angry knots, followed
by loosened silk threads.

Parted from the loom, the tapestry tied and
knotted ornately, she knew her threads of
option remained...she could loosen, re-tie, or
re-dye at any time.

For now the tapestry is complete, with colors,
uniqueness...full of vision, textures...asking
to be handled and imagined, dreamed about...
boosting thoughts for others toward creativity
and change...our own personal options.

by me, Wanda Marie Miller 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010


a play on words...leaving negativity behind!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

"Miz Katie"

She had the best imagination...
she made everyone laugh...
when she left town,
everyone called her,

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sweet sweet springtime!

I've noticed others mentioning how hard it is to keep up one's blog during this springtime season...and i must sun REALLY did come out today and here are a few spring time delights for all of us.
happy spring to all!!!
we know there is a nest in this house, but the blue birds
and the swallows are still fighting over it!
i think the swallows may win, as one little lady stayed inside all day one day while the rain never let up!
good drive by shooting on the california roadside such showoff's those tom's

yummy...look at all this long fresh grass!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Whimsical Collage Painting!!!

Following up with monoprints from Michelle Wards Crusade...
i printed and then cut up all the pieces from the monoprints...
throwing in a few random ones for good measure...
after painting technique i exposed some of the collage pieces...
"just walk on by" is hand written over the paint...
her wings say, "didn't always hang together"

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blue birds and Spring!!

...he called her the Queen of Preening!!
oh honey...please can we buy this yellow house..

it's the prettiest one in the area, so far?!

honey, do you think i can pull this off...

am i lookin' like a weather vane???

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 ~ go take a look...very Fun!

...a few transfers from the first day monoprints...
onto watercolor cards and paint!
...while in this "transfer" mode, i just had to try out one

of my "ta da" paintings, transferring it onto a watercolor card..

"ta da"!!

this one was what was left from the first transfer,

so i just had to use it's a card! "3" from the first monoprints, showing text on some of them.

these are going to make some great card, tags and collage pieces.

Such continued fun!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pulling more Prints! See Michelle"s blog address on previous post...

today, i also printed some script on the flowers from yesterday...they
turned out so pretty.
this has been a blast, michelle...again i thank you for the jumpstart, the possibilities are just endless!!
it's not over yet for me, i'll say!!!
and jane, i know you are going to do some GORGEOUS colors and "pieces"!
got the brayer out and continued from yesterday...the colors used here were, titan buff and pyrrole fun!

i used cobalt teal and van dyke brown, and then some white gesso on some of them

the colors i used here are: cobalt teal, van dyke brown and light portrait pink

emelie...funny that you should mention, printing out the prints...

changing their colors...HERE THEY ARE!

and then i did make a collage out of them, after i cut all of them out...

i'll put up pics soon on that part!!! i just love how great minds think alike...xo

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Michelle Ward's Crusade # 39..Pulling Prints

...ooh...want to have some quick fun???
go here-
you can find out what her next crusade idea is till may 1st!
last night i cut out a few flower shapes from some tyvek...
i thought i'd try to get my brain going this fine saturday, so
i jumped in with only the very first stimulus michelle suggested,
simple monoprints...then took a snooze, so i didn't get any further
for today!
but...this was such fun, and she was starts you thinking
in all directions...i now have a start for some cute bookmarks and such!
and...i plan to stamp some printed words on some of them...i did already
cut some up for collage..and then...and get the idea!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

She emerged like a flower, passing all the ladybugs!!!

~You can enlarge all the photos, twice~
collaged a background...then painted her face and neck...

made some fabric paper for her dress

chose, cut, ripped and sewed on her garden dress

(from the fabric paper)

i painted some dried fern leaves for her hair...

sewed some pretty flowers so she'd have a garden,

to pass through...

she emerged...

finished, without her "words"!