Friday, June 14, 2019

MISSING IN ACTION...(this art action) far too long in June...

 Oh my goodness,
apology for missing in action.
So much going on this summer.
I hope your time is going well.
Now that I am back...
I am still in the pink (chuckling).
I am almost finished with this piece, 
(frame is drying) 
and then off to the gallery.

 I am working on 2 of these,
and am much further along and
promise to show you the finish!

 While swimming, playing, and good laughs
at Folsom Lake with my sisters...
these darling little butterflies came and landed off and on all day.
They were pink and blue
and only about an inch
so I couldn't get very good pics.
They were unbelievably beautiful.

 Close up's here and the next ones.
This, of one of the two I showed here in the beginning.

 I am having so much fun with some products,
it's unbelievable!
Using tissue paper, deli papers
and a gelli print pad
(oh my)

When i am finished and show you...
i will gladly let you know the products
and how some processes are done.
Simply leave me a note (i only know english)
and will gladly tell you anything!

It's been a good summer so far!