Saturday, July 6, 2013

Production Numbers

s0...while a tech guy was here one day...he had to be in my studio in order to work on our i decided to experiment, fiddling around because it was so boring and uncomfortable just hanging.
I painted a black background and then started a face...
then he asks "what are you doing"
well today I finished her face part, the flowers are just placed there to glue and then i'll probably paint over them somewhat, or, i might paint some flowers instead, or i might glue dried flowers in place...can you tell that i just can't decide quite yet? ;)

 today while cleaning up on our back deck...just look at what i happened upon...
 i heard this little tapping/clicking noise and turned around to watch this darling, emerge out of it's shell!
and then i photoshopped a painting i am doing to make a card.
we even had company today for an early dinner, whew...such a long productive day!
i'll gratefully lay my head down to sleep tonight with a smile on my face,,,of which i hope something posted here will do for you!