Saturday, May 30, 2009

Joining Michele Ward's Crusade #31

Okay..lets see if i can do this correctly...
i joined michelle ward's crusade #31,,,"making your art, your own"..
we all know what that's about, eh?!
well, i think this was one of the first times i realized this...
and this was my last art doll of many...
it all began...i wanted to make my own doll creation to hang on my daughter's wall for her i hunted everywhere for patterns etc...i got answers like, oh, nobody does that stuff anymore, we don't carry things like THAT in our establishment, oh, puffft (blowing the dust) this pattern is all i could find in the cellar..her dress is made from quilts..blah blah blah...sooo
i took off creating on my own (not knowing there were a million people out there, making art dolls)
the story is wonderful if you care to read...i made about 12 creations, went up to a high rent district, got up my nerve to walk into a store and ask if the owner would be interested...the woman proprietor ran out to the back of my car and said..."how much", then, "i'll take them all". i almost fainted!
well folks i was passionate, and my dolls took off when word got out, but...
i started getting commissions and commissions and commissions...well, that took the love and creativity right outta' my heart and soul. this one was the last one, "Mer" for my sister, Candy who craves and loves body surfing as much as i.
Alas..i moved on to mixed media and fiber arts.
the part that is "making them my own", was...when i saw all the doll makers on the internet, i wondered if mine were good enough...oh please...take me down a notch...people payed me big buckaroos that burned me out entirely, from ever making another...maybe someday, again...hmmm.