Friday, June 15, 2018

A FRIDAY, half way through June...

 a LONG time ago when I found an old piece of wood with nails sticking out all over...
I thought hmmmm…
YES! perfect for some cutesy mixed media painting. 
There are black and white beads hanging on the left,
if you can't tell.
This was very fun to complete!

 This week I had a 
"thank you" 
Face Book
This was one.

 and this was another...
It was for the 
of all my supporters!

 And then
there was this.
There is gold leaf intermixed at the bottom
that doesn't show up in the photo.

 Every winner lives locally,
but for one, a niece!
So now all these people are coming over
and we get to visit!

 I never knew or thought
that so much delight
and endearment would
be attached to this episode.

Each winner left such beautiful
And with so much excitement!

The only sore point...
not having everyone win.
(sad face)

Did you ever do this about 8 years ago from your blog?
I did and had forgotten how rewarding
it can be!
I will undoubtedly do this again.