Saturday, March 15, 2014

MANY faces...MANY feelings...MANY good changes!

 more INCH portraits...
i decided to add a little collage...
 to avoid going mad over a bit of repetition in
some ways, wanting to continue learning,
from others as well as from INSIDEME ;)
 i discovered a most interesting man's work
Oswaldo Guayasamin
Ecudorian painter, 1919-1999
some of his work is Picasso-like and some not
but i am intrigued...
 and gave this one and the one above a whirl
while copying.
i made huge discoveries that would probably bore everyone to death,
as to what this artist pointed out to me!
and of course didn't do him justice...
 inside my head came this one while attempting Oswaldo's...
feeling very playful and letting the whim enter in!
ALWAYS...this makes new discoveries and ideas for future paintings...
after doing these "miniatures" i am ready to go back to LARGER sized!
 a face lift for this sweetie...
 that i am not sure i posted awhile back...
she's crackled and aged looking ;)
another little touch up and transformation
for this sweetie...
i WAS getting ready for our Auburn Artwalk, but am running ragged in all good i shan't be able to pull it off this go round.
i had some knee surgery that went exceptionally well, better than expected by all, drs. and myself!
i can't exactly run around, but will sooner than soon, and am happy i made it through to this side, and gratitude exploded within myself that i can climb our stairs to my studio, hobble around and able to do some art work!!!