Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A VIDEO of sorts...

A most BEATIFUL sunrise yesterday morning...

and then found pink on one of my easels as I cleared things today...

 I quickly decided to paint on a book page today
it's been awhile ;)
 I started out with a stick of charcoal
and white heavy bodied paint
 I challenged myself
to paint with only one brush
and two colors.
just to change things up...
 but I became so excited when I thought about
Paynes Gray with Quinacridone Azo Gold
mixed together ish for the dark parts of her face...
 (I've used this combo before, but it's been a long time)
I loved the soft green hue
and the depth it gave
her face ;)
that was the end of 2 colors
and now 3 introduced.
and I loved it all so much!
I started having fun and actually
enjoyed the struggle
I always have with faces, even though they are my favorite thing to paint!
 then she really started talking to me...
ya' all know how that is if you paint portraits ;)
it gets REAL INTERESTING at times!
 i forced myself to paint lighter than i normally do
and always start out to try
but never make it in the end, ha!
 this was very thin fragile paper
and i learned so much in keeping it
she began to come alive...
i felt (almost) as if i was learning anew,
all over again,
and more.
it's hard to explain in depth, but i bet some of you
understand ;)
 i don't know how to make videos
and i thought i would snap these
photos as i went along, for myself,
for many reasons.
and then thought, I'd share for all the sharing reasons ;)
 i introduced one other color,
a hand mixed red and white bottle i keep handy
for cheeks and such.
i also thought to keep her hair do simplistic for now ;)
 the background and bodice, i used all the colors on the pallet...
 she found her dress,
lying on top of some gel medium (how convenient)
so i smudged up those same pallet colors and
glued this little bit of lace down.
 then she spoke her words...
 i don't care for the black mat, but it's just lying on her.
i simply cannot believe the skies some