Saturday, December 17, 2016


 I have been playing, studying, experimenting
of late.
I have been so frustrated, not being able to work on my large canvases because of so many distractions.
So I started painting on every possible substrate in sight, within my studio and YES,
out of my studio.
Filling up my little art journals like crazy, still frustration.
I told a friend I know that I am evolving and changing with my art, little steps at a time...
and then
in my little ol' life as well.
It all goes hand in hand.

So now, this piece, I was exploring and mixing colors that I love.
I really wish I would have left it longer to "percolate", but I
did not!

I even thought I might just throw in the towel to some degree.
And then...
always comes.
My days have been filled with family and friends love, how can I be frustrated I ask.
My creative discoveries are always worth the wait, how could I doubt this.
 I started painting
Oh, my love of faces.
I tried changing how I proceed normally and tried to improve on anything concerning the face.

 And so
I learned more, and shall continue on this journey.
I outlined her with a white dip fountain pen...
I am so in love with this fountain pen lately,
I've been writing all over every chunk of paper I have.
 Her words...
my words...
my thoughts...
my feelings...
There is a LOT
that went into this little painting.
I share all of this as I know other artists run up
against these happenings.
I hope this helps or affirms your feelings, it has mine as well.

 I've done a few more of these little "Inks",
one didn't turn out.

 This is absolute play time...
and I
learn so much when letting go!

Here are words for