Saturday, November 10, 2012

Friends and Whimsy

 a friend and fellow artist gave me a cupboard door last month :0
he found out how much i ADORE painting on them, especially WHIMSICAL paintings!
Measures 1 1/4 ft. X 2 1/2 ft. 
 i thought much about he and his girlfriend kate (a long time friend) and how they were getting married some day...
kate is wearing a bit of chiffon on her neckline...i couldn't resist!
 and you can just about see right into Kermit's heart right here...he has a LARGE one in real life ;)
an...d i delightfully used the side of the cupboard that had 2 large holes already drilled, making fun little markings all around both!
a GRAND day and HONOR to all our veterans, this MONDAY, including my own husband of whom i am glad was able to come back to us after SERVING in Viet Nam, a changed man, a changed AMERICA.