Monday, July 12, 2010


this picture should have been at the bottom of my what's new with the computer idiot, eh??!! well...i have some great news...i've been really busy getting ready for it...and it still hasn't sunk in...
16 of my paintings are in a gallery now, sitting on the floor, ready to be transferred to a wall, eep!

the gallery is in "old town" auburn, california...a touristy art town, right next to a really cool wine tasting store. the gallery is called the "lighthouse" and is on the monthly art walk, ooooh!

the town and the gallery have year 'round events so there is a lot of foot traffic. "old town" has earned a wonderful reputation for it's arts from san francisco to tahoe, soooo...

this is a break of a lifetime for me, i say! and i have so many people that support me on the home front...but then there's you...i hope you know who you are...oh, i just know you do...i can't make a list and leave anyone out...but have to thank and acknowledge for encouraging me in all ways, and then bug bug buggin' me (thank God) to put my art work on face book and bam...denise howell (friend, neighbor and real estate go getter) hooked me up with the gallery...denise is on my fb friends if you need land or a home!

i thank you humbly from the bottom of my heart, all you blogging friends for encouragement and affirmations...that send each of us on to do better and better...i am so grateful to my online teachers, my mentor and supporter (as if SHE needs a plug) and my off line teachers, including you miss (and as if she needs a plug either) for believing in me, practically instantly, and giving me a pep talk before showing my wares for the first time in my life!!!

there are more and i know you know who you are...this sounds like a darn academy award ceremony or's just that i am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart for such supportive women in my life...and i hope that i am doing the same for you!!! xoxo here's what my sister, carolyn made me for my birthday and to represent my circumstances.

i love them sooo much, they are sitting on a white shelf in my studio, but the really cool thing is...i can move them anywhere anytime...i love you so much carolyn, but you already knew that :) xo.

I'LL BE OUT OF TOWN, BUT RICHARD'S HERE (that's for the robbers).

I'LL BE BACK ON WEDNESDAY OF THE FOLLOWING WEEK! i am going to see these sisters again...their picture and mine are at the top since i don't know how to fix this mistake...ah mistakes, they are good sometimes....