Thursday, August 19, 2010

Growing LARGE!...and to SHARE!

I have painted some canvas', larger, way larger than my usual. the last one i did was 24"X34". and these 2 that i have exposed are15"X30".
when we share we grow and when we grow we share!
this is how the panels started out...
vandyke brown painted over white gesso ( i purchase these flat canvas' for $3. at the thrift store).
then i spray painted with white and black "valspar odds and ends" mini spray paint cans (on sale at michaels) over stencils.
one canvas i have muted down and shall on the other when nearly done. i just started painting without sketching, 2 different females, with titanium white and van dyke brown.

this one was first ( the colors are NOT true, i'll be taking them outside when finished so we can all appreciate them more!)
as you can see her hair is stenciled...i painted white and brown over the areas and then rubbed a wet rag over this paint for the black and white "effect".

i decided to leave her hair mainly white, as i loved the first female better before i covered it with the stenciling gig. i'd like them to go together as a pair of paintings, but they will stand on their own, single, as is.
Now my favorite but hard part, i must dress them, whether that be fabric and paint or paint and fabric! i'll show the final ladies when finished.
i truly want to encourage or help or advise with ANYTHING i can about going LARGE! it is a huge difference in so many ways, yet such an exciting learning curve as is all painting to me. i will gladly answer any questions now or even later...i am always so appreciative to those that have shared with me.

you can enlarge all or any of these to have a closer view.
they shall have words applied, i cannot break myself away from storytelling yet, if ever! and then my sweet husband and i will talk about how to frame them!
and funny thing...i am taking a break from the "august break"'s exhausting and not enough time to post every single was fun while it lasted!!!


Such fun while on vacation with my 3 sisters, this is NOT my normal morning routine, but it sure was fun!!
hmm...which one...i think i'll use this as my morning, strength training...
mimosa, water, mimosa, water...:)
well, personally, this bloody mary suits me fine, thank you...

oops, is that salsa i spilled on my morning frock!!!