Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wanda's Whimsical Work ;)

 More than a year ago, i submitted these to somerset magazine. i was so thrilled to have come up with this idea,
 for many reasons....
 i LOVE telling stories, REAL ONES, verbally, not just my own, but also about those that have been in my life. i started to put the header up as "story people", but there is already a great guy, brian out there who has been using that title for his WONDERFUL work, since forever :)...so

we'll call them anything, these stories of mine...i adore making them, especially on cardboard (lots of reasons)...it's a good way to try out ideas and to GROW ideas for new paintings. these little SPECIALTIES are very affordable and i have been told, that some are "tender, touching and just right" for a gift. i LOVE that! those of you out there creating know just what i'm talking about! ;)

and man oh man, i'm in some mighty good company in the issue, making it quite special this time...Diane, Francesca and Jenny...i even took a class from christy tomlinson. oh my goodness.
and last but certainly not least...MISTY MAWN...there she is with her words...promoting her student's and their work, not hers. speaking to our hearts as she teaches us to art with our hearts and souls, truly making a difference in the approaches we might take or NOT take.
i am truly grateful to be recognized publically, knowing that there are millions out there that are prompted for a chance as well. i am just one regular joe, wanting to inspire and light a fire under anyone, including myself, tee hee!

Thank you to all my TEACHERS, online and in person...i get to learn even more!