Saturday, December 16, 2017


 Last night as the sun went down...


Almost unbelievable!

 These are

 photos of our studio,
after we tore up the carpet and put down layers of felt.

 This is the flooring that
is going down.
We are hoping to finish in about 2 more days.
Especially me,
because I have a portion of cruddy
art supplies downstairs on the kitchen
Which I will need to cart back upstairs when we are through
with this project.
is why I haven't posted anything.

 Here is our fox...
not ours.
He has been hanging around our house for a couple of weeks now.
He must have a den near by...
 And these guys have practically taken over
the neighborhood these last couple of years.

 I should mention here;
we live on 4 1/2 acres.
So officially most might say...
this really is "their" neighborhood.
Last night our nearest neighbors dog
got into a fight with one or more at midnight.
They had to take him in for emergency surgery.
They really have not been so cute I say.
They have become so brazen,
they scratch at our front door as if they'd like to come in and browse around.
Only took one time,
that I opened the door thinking it was our cat.
And there stood a raccoon standing straight up,
Ai yi yi

I had just started a class
Misty Mawn's
So I was only able to do one painting, boo hoo.
(Before we started tearing the rest of our house apart.
We have been remodeling upstairs for a year now.)

It has been bitter sweet looking up so many photos on the subject.
Then I started looking up photos
during the depression years, here in the states.
It has made me feel more than fortunate to have
been born after this time in history.

Have you taken a class lately?
This one is quite wonderful and affordable!