Friday, February 14, 2014


 Sharon Tomlinson is at it again with her sparked ideas...
All Norah's Art Blog...
 her idea; portraits on a size 1 1/4" X 1 1/2" paper, oh my goodness...
 VERY INTERESTING and a great learning she said as a retort back to me, she is learning a lot about her self too!
me: i think my faces all look so much the same and i need to get some other figures in my head...;)
THIS is just one face that i altered to get an even better feel as to all the possibilities this task brings.
 in our wonderful class Full Circle with Misty Mawn...we are making old books into journals...
 we were to prep the pages first, at least 50, i can't believe i did 70, it was so much fun!
and had to laugh at this one...realizing where the idea came from as i lifted my tea cup!
 a prepped page shown here as well...
 an almost finished page, going to do some writing over it
this lesson has been on spontaneity, just letting things flow,
not getting too attached to anything,
not be afraid to cover things up etc...
just loving this exercise...i have done it before but not so many at a time,
which is bringing on TRUE spontaneity, and you find things inside of
you that you didn't know were there, along with many other messages
and skills for staying loose!
yesterday was a sad day and today a less sad day...
i miss my sister extra more these days,
she's only been gone for 8 months and we all know
grieving doesn't ever disappear completely, even though
i wish it would. yet, her presence is known to me over and over,
her whispers, giggles and utter excitement of new journey's.
i know she's watching, i know she's even right there, hot on my heels,
that little sister of mine.