Tuesday, November 13, 2012


i am taking alisa burke's 30 days of christmas projects or thoughts ON-LINE CLASS and this was first up! she showed us how to make similar flowers with brown kraft paper...she encouraged us to take off on our own...well, i've been going nuts in a good way...CHRISTmas gifts galore...
 this one is with a magazine page (painted with leftover paint, hanging all over my walls) and some star glitter!
 this one is with a Trader Joe's baguette bag wrapper.
this particular family writes the sweetest comments right on the bag, about their family...love that!
 another painted paper out of an old tablet...
don't ya' love that feeling of re-purposing the craziest things!!!
man OH man...i've been quite manic...in all good ways (well, you might not ask my husband) getting christmas gifts ready for FAMILY and FRIENDS.
this particular one is so special to me and hope my family feels the love.
i cut up GREAT NANA'S hand quilting pieces and sewed them on the front and back of these little "painted papers" with special words.  i'll send a letter for each of my sisters, brothers and cousins attached to these about NANA and what she taught me, and what a staunch woman of her time she was!
i hope this helps all or any of you with some new ideas for Christmas...involving more time than anything else...which can only bring JOY!
YEP, i've got Christmas carols in the background!