Sunday, December 1, 2013

Painting for Friends!

 i just love when i can "repurpose" my own paintings and it actually turns out okay...
 this was a printed out painting of mine on silk and then painted over the top of that with some extra treatments first...
 also took a photo of, "she keeps her secrets in her pockets",
from the same painting, encorporating that into part of the piece, or piece of the part,
depending on how you look at it...
 some stitching together of fabrics and paper...
 some paint and words.
the piece in it's entirety is glued to a book back,
and i will make a hanger out of it soon!
ALSO counting this as #8 in PORTRAITS 40 with Gritty Jane
i have a long way to go, especially since i start back to work tomorrow...
and here is this past post in it's entirety...
i claimed it was a commission and it was of sorts.
i didn't want miz katie to know it was for her, in our journal trade. (she figures out my secrets all the time)
this painting gave me such grief (it could have been the same as a commission, having such high expectations, when it was for someone else) and i loved her finally when finished.
 and how i LOVE
miz Katie!
She lived right next door to the LADIES READING CLUB and always brought flowers to their meetings ;) and now Miz Katie owns her!