Friday, August 31, 2012


 as the sun sinks slowly in the's been hot and humid lately, but today is crisp and cool...
 so many projects, going on, trying to finish before winter sets in...
 leaving behind, my sisters "3" only to meet again next year...oh, such a lonnng time to be withOUT them! xo
 my next automobile...EASY RIDER!
THIS YEARS ARTWALK: i'll be taking my work off these walls in 2 weeks. Last year my mom was dieing and i invited no one to this event, i was so heartbroken...
This year, i know mom was right there with me, as i met and greeted some of the most wonderful people on earth...this reception was the icing on the cake for the artist AND human in me! the feedback i received went right to the center of my SOUL!
...AND THERE is this little piece that sold late one night...someone traveling through Auburn, California purchased her. i had tears in my eyes and and a swelled up heart over this one! i painted her 3 years ago when i first started this painting journey and she spoke for me... she reads:
PEople have asked me many times, if i get attached to my work and then do i have a difficult time parting with them? not usually, i say, and not this tickled me pink that someone was touched by this as i put her ever so lightly down on paper, with the softest of brush strokes, wanda has ever used along with no extraneous riff raff (even though i dig textures and riff raff:) she was special to me and now it will be that for someone else.
i betcha a LOT of YOU, get that!
Have a Happy Friday and wondrous weekend, ALL!