Thursday, February 4, 2010


shes's not quite done...
somethings been happening over here...
since the last few classes i've taken, i started
posting everywhere, fb, flicker, your group,
my group, everybody's group...yikes...
no mas i think.
i am going to just post here...everyone has choices, eh?
there is an extremely supportive group on this
latest class with misty, but i am driving myself
insane...i who like things as simplistic as
possible in my life...sooo..oh so what some may
say...i must remember that this is also a journal for myself...
not omitting, EVER those that support me.
back to this piece...charcoal sketch on charcoal paper,
acrylic paint, collage paper for her dress...
and had to glue her down to a good piece of
watercolor paper when i got the paint out!....
whew...that was a mouthful!
and by the way...thank you from the bottom of
my heart, to you supporters and looky lou's...
i am going to try and come up with a gift that
everyone might like!!!??? soon!