Sunday, December 2, 2012

Back in the time for Christmas!

 i made these last year...i love making them for Christmas gifts and they make perfect saleable items as well...each are about 3" X 7"...
  a few wks ago, a niece of mine had an artist gathering at her new apt.
everyone brought whatever they wanted to make...
 it was such FUN being in the company of like minded souls and all of the SHARING...
 i cut up some heavy watercolor paper and put layers on each of them, while listening, gabbing and sharing stories...
 it was such an easy way to get them done and FUN!
 these are little bags painted and sewn with hangers...
 they look great just hanging on the wall with nothing in them or with a dried grapevine or dried flowers in them :)
this is the flip side of the first pocket photo
 First side
 Flip side
they are in between
3" X 5" - 5" X 7"
 last but not least...this is a little peek at a new mixed media painting
i tried to stick to 2 colors, but HAD to introduce a teeny bit of blue...
who knows how this will end up as it gets many more layers!
there is crackle medium, modeling past, cardboard and various other applications...i have to be patient and let it dry in between it's UN-purposes :))
i hope you've had a wonderful's not over yet here on the west coast!