Friday, November 13, 2015

Little Bit of Family and a Whole Lotta' Love...

Play time when I returned from a little trip I took down to Southern California.
 5 days without painting...proved fun and delightful!
 Little Red Riding Hood in the city
this one I photo shopped ;)
I also did refer to someones painting
but I honestly don't know where it came from, ughh. per usual!
I went to visit these 2 sisters and we met our 3 adult nieces and friend in her cabin in the mountains of Crestline.
You can guess...
we had so much fun!
 Here in Seal Beach with Candy, where Cookie lives, while she was at work...
 Lake Gregory is through these pine trees...
 Riding down the coast with Cookie to Laguna Beach,
where we haunted art galleries and such...
 and watched the sun go down with drinks and snacks before hitting the airport.
I love my family!!!
This is here at home!
Thank you
Sharon Tomlinson
Anita Bonita
Tammy Lee
for stopping by and leaving such beautiful words.