Thursday, October 20, 2016

EBB and FLOW is everything...

 While taking Laly's class...
Light, plaster & wax...
These were my first attempts at instructions.

We captured a fox on camera one evening.
I love this photo so much.
And now I have a way of preserving and passing on photographs in our family,
In what I feel is such a special way!

 I used:
fiber w/text, some hairy fibers, with fabric sewn on, some painted papers and lace.
Of course the photograph, plaster...

layers and layers of wax.

What a yummy project these were!

dipped in wax (using as glue) seed pod,
and underneath...
textured wallpaper that the wax received...

I wish you could hear Laly Mille say "beautiful" in her French accent...SHE is a BEAUTIFUL SOUL!

 Santa Catalina, Panama.
I sat with my youngest sister
for a partial day and then into
the dark of night!

Right near this remnant of a wall,
standing alone in an abandoned surf camp.
Listening and watching the sea waves roll
in and out.

Speaking of times past and present.
One GIFT of a lifetime with this sister. xo

 I died some cheese cloth,
used painted papers,
and various weights of fibers.
they all adhered so scrumptiously to the materials!

was taken by me
last Autumn
at approximately the same time as
now ;)
It is of our home and trees and skyline.
These are the most
days and nights
around here.
It is difficult not to take pictures of the skies a million times over!

 I stitched a teabag on the top,
with sewing machine,
before placing it on the substrate.

Then there are fibers and ribbons in various spots.
My work is so busy that I made just a few marks at the bottom.
The lines (such fun)

 This was the smallest one that I made.
The photo is from someone else.
I dyed some more cheese cloth and didn't add much else to this piece.

of the fiber
words ;)

 One last ditty
to share.

In between working on more difficult projects,
I leave off some tension
by performing smaller works of art
and very spontaneous.


This one appeared!