Tuesday, November 20, 2012


 17" X 24" Abstract
these are the colors around here lately, i thing i have been influenced!
 here, you can catch glimpses of fabric with beads embroidered, and some written transfers
 then in this close up, there is: a torn painted paper (left over paint has to go on something), a fabric pattern, torn and a cut piece of this stiff  "stuff" that resembles thin burlap :)
 painted fabric and pattern tissue shows up here along with some text transfers...
 i could not resist this fabric flower, it just fit into the groove perfectly to my eyes..you can also spy some more pattern pieces and transfered text...
 painted paper, tissue paper
 and my own favorite quote, i have used again...
"what did you come into this world to do?"
 fabric leaves, painted paper and pattern tissue
 more of the same...only flipped
seeeee what i mean? how could i NOT paint those colors?
i wish all of YOU'S  a wonderful THANKSGIVING!
AND the friends across the world a wonderful rest of the week!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Brown Paper Bags?

 sooooo....remember the last post, making paper flowers?
 welll...when i posted them on face book, someone wanted to buy them (they weren't meant for that) but what the heck?
 sooo...tonight while i  was painting...i looked over on one of my BUSY walls and saw this gessoed piece of burlap...then i noticed a giant brown gift back, stashed under a table...
 YEP...all ready to put a gift in it!!!
 the paper flowers were made from these...
simply, gessoed newspaper, just a single ply...
this one i altered pink, so you could see what it looks like, better..
very FUN, easy, and INexpensive project!!!
YES, i still paint pictures and have been working on 4 of them off and on...they aren't coming easy...but i know it will all be worth while!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


i am taking alisa burke's 30 days of christmas projects or thoughts ON-LINE CLASS and this was first up! she showed us how to make similar flowers with brown kraft paper...she encouraged us to take off on our own...well, i've been going nuts in a good way...CHRISTmas gifts galore...
 this one is with a magazine page (painted with leftover paint, hanging all over my walls) and some star glitter!
 this one is with a Trader Joe's baguette bag wrapper.
this particular family writes the sweetest comments right on the bag, about their family...love that!
 another painted paper out of an old tablet...
don't ya' love that feeling of re-purposing the craziest things!!!
man OH man...i've been quite manic...in all good ways (well, you might not ask my husband) getting christmas gifts ready for FAMILY and FRIENDS.
this particular one is so special to me and hope my family feels the love.
i cut up GREAT NANA'S hand quilting pieces and sewed them on the front and back of these little "painted papers" with special words.  i'll send a letter for each of my sisters, brothers and cousins attached to these about NANA and what she taught me, and what a staunch woman of her time she was!
i hope this helps all or any of you with some new ideas for Christmas...involving more time than anything else...which can only bring JOY!
YEP, i've got Christmas carols in the background!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Friends and Whimsy

 a friend and fellow artist gave me a cupboard door last month :0
he found out how much i ADORE painting on them, especially WHIMSICAL paintings!
Measures 1 1/4 ft. X 2 1/2 ft. 
 i thought much about he and his girlfriend kate (a long time friend) and how they were getting married some day...
kate is wearing a bit of chiffon on her neckline...i couldn't resist!
 and you can just about see right into Kermit's heart right here...he has a LARGE one in real life ;)
an...d i delightfully used the side of the cupboard that had 2 large holes already drilled, making fun little markings all around both!
a GRAND day and HONOR to all our veterans, this MONDAY, including my own husband of whom i am glad was able to come back to us after SERVING in Viet Nam, a changed man, a changed AMERICA.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Photoshop enhanced ONce
The real piece
i printed part of my painting of a face and flower onto cotton and then learned in DJ PETTIT'S workshop how to paint the cotton.
then added fibers and fabric, words...
a CLOSE UP of the words...i have used these words before in more than one painting...they are POWERFUL and hold much MEANING for me :)
i was given birthday money in july and put it toward PHOTOSHOP...something i have desired to attempt so many times. with Joanne Rose's encouragement, i just "went for it" and will never be sorry.
i want to learn how to enhance and come up with creative ways to tweak my artwork and this will be one avenue, i'm sure of many...one thing leads to another...GRATEFULLY, THANKFULLY...to alllll my teachers, those giving persons, including the ones we don't pay...they just INSPIRE our DESIRES and spark our IMAGINations to no end!
another GRATEFUL day!
i am wishing you creative paths, sparked ideas, ANY POSITIVE CREATIONS, today and EVERYday!

Saturday, November 3, 2012


 ...not quite finished...her words are going right in the "V" between her neck and wing...
 a close up of her head, the same is on the little extended angel coming up from her large wing
(hand dyed cheese cloth, i colored many moons ago...that JUST RIGHT FINISH)
 the WEE angel...but POWERul i say!
 the wisp of an angel tucked in between the large angel's wing and back :))
 ...so glad that MY SISTER showed up in the finished product! i have a lot of blood sisters, but i GOTTA' LOTTA SOUL SISTERS out there i LOVE!
 SPECIAL WORDS to place near her neck!
and this ain't the half of the mess around here...
don't ya' just love it when the papers and gauze and tea bags get stuck in with the paint...
i need
some mighty clean up help over here!
HOPE ALL MY FRIENDS ARE HAVING AN OKAY DAY, especially after SANDY did her devastation...