Sunday, October 17, 2010


Holy Moly, now i know the meaning of giving birth to a painting, make that two! After showing these a while back (forever) as work in progress...they were almost a scourge to me.
they have been turned against 3 different walls, then turned back around, they were touched up and re-touched in eensy increments...i screamed, no they are wrong, this is wrong, that is wrong...well then richard made me beautiful frames and painted them...and then they were okay and then...yesterday i looked at the music sheets and all the subtle colors and then woke up this morning completely in love...crazy huh?!
I'm going this week to the gallery to exchange paintings, so there will be new and fresh faces litterally and then as i looked at these 2 this morning, i thought...if they don't sell i'd love them on our walls and they make me think of my sister and i, with so much depth and history to tell...Crazy huh?!
17 1/2" X 32"
Acrylics, painted torn paper, torn sheet music, ink, stencils, tears, laughter, screams, delight....yeah, you get the picture!!!
she reads:
"enter the dimension of music...and FLY unfettered!"she reads:
"moving toward uncertainty...she emerged with music!"