Monday, July 4, 2011

Back in the Game of LIfe

(Photo is from the side, trying to avoid the glare...too tired to wait for another, better shot.)

This painting is on plaster of paris, over the top of burlap...i am taking stephanie lee and judy wise's plaster studio class and am in love with is also cracked intentionally :)):

Definitely go in for a closer view"HER SALE"

It's rarely about the money.

Sometimes it's just to buy more paint.

It's ALL really about ...

putting ourselves and...

giving ourselves..

The REALITY of ..

Putting ourselves,

Connected in the world with,

Other Selves---

Down on paper, cardboard, fabric or wood.

To tell the world,

To feel the world,

To share our souls,

To tickle our fancies,

To show,

To feel...

Making our passions tangible in some way...

Wanda Marie

July 4, 2011