Wednesday, January 11, 2012


 This started out as an intuitive painting, again. And it was many things before this came to me. It is so astounding and surprising what comes from our imaginations when we let it flow.
 After applying regular paint and then open acrylics with a palette knife, i picked up a brush, didn't like it, then another and another...hmmmm....
 I went back to the palette knife and then another palette knife, and fell in love and dug in! Richard my husband made a special frame for me out of smashed copper found it's home surrounding the little neighborhood :))
I feel so blessed to have found this absolute painting passion in my life. And i am so fortunate to have many persons involved with myself and this endeavor. i never knew that one could feel so profound over this gift.

i hope that you too, are exploring your gifts, stepping out of the box OFTEN, and loving life for all it throws us!

wanda xoxo