Monday, February 28, 2011

How 'Bout This and How 'Bout THAT!

i'm taking alissa burke's sketching and drawing class right now...this was A first...i didn't have watercolors, so i watered down my was such fun, though quite imperfect...and am learning learning loving LEARNING!
i might retire soon, so while i have a paying job, i've been taking these classes and wow what a TRIP!!!
a shadow casts itself across this collage i did during misty's class, STRETCHING FROM WITHIN.

IT was quite an experience, the entire class! and this, i know, i will do again... attempting a portrait.. can't wait!

this is a painting that is in my friend miz katie's journal.

we collaborated, but are not done has been so wonderful, we will probably share when we ARE done.

she has a painted page of this "mrs. crow" in her journal now...but i couldn't just let her fly away that easily :))!

i printed her on silk then incorporated her into modeling paste and paint. this is on a fabric remnent and was an experiment... such fun and turned out wonderful...that doesn't always happen with experiments, eh?!

"little annie", cutting while of yet...she will NOT use glue to paste items to her paintings...she will ONLY use paint as the glue...this tickles me pink..(which is her fav color so far with red thrown in)

she did her first collage this wednesday without any prompts...and she was so INTENT on cutting, she only asked for help a couple of times...

her favorite sentence...ME DO IT!!! how can ya' not LOVE that, when it comes to art, especially!!!

MEANWHILE.. at work...

Two of my little "noodle monsters"