Saturday, November 7, 2009

Michele Ward / Signs

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Signs...they are everywhere in my work from Nana (my mom's mother).
She ingrained in me a "CAN DO" constitution. Taught me the value of learning new ways and the wondrous mystery in experimentation. We had many giggles over trials in doing things our way at times, such delight she passed on to her grandchild.
Her signs are everywhere, her gifts passed down... she taught me how to knit, crochet, embroider, braid rugs, sew, darn and repair.
She taught me how to mend ANYTHING, picking up threads and fabric to mimic and match...a hole, a snag, a rip or ravel...just give it to me, i CAN DO!
Nana created the most outstanding braided rugs, filling living rooms. Cutting wool strips, filling them with cord, braided, and sewn into lush carpeting fit for a king, delighting anyone's eyes and senses!

This isn't in MY journal, put glued into Miz Katie's journal (our collaborative affair) in wanting to share my very soul of my Nana who put the gleam into life for me, carrying on in my art forever!Press on pictures to enlarge:

Leading to collaged purses..... Front Back of purse

She sometimes whispers and giggles in my ear, while sewing something. Has opened a door, whooshed in and whooshed out. She leaves her signs, i leave my signs...hopefully to the pleasantries and delight for everyone!!!
I love you my NANA. xo