Sunday, April 22, 2012


 don't ya' just love when you finish some oldies that you've left behind for all kinds of reasons? then you put her on the drawing board and VOILE..the magic happens for you and her! ahhh, finally and THANK YOU to the painting gods! :))
i added a few more stiches, some itty bitty wings, a dab of color here and there and WHEW, matted and ready for a frame!
 ...yes, she was transformed
(and i am seeing the eye dr. on i look at these first two photos, they appear dim and not as bright as i thought, hmm)

 these are some more excercises from alisa burke's abstract class...
can't you just see potential for something terrific beginning here???!

 ...and then, HERE, i see a darling figurative emerging from the page along with a possible little mouse?!!

 ...and then, one never knows what this might bring later on...with more layers and fun???!

 i KNOW you can see the figurative emerging here! and i can't wait to see what happens to her later on, surprises on board, eh?!!

and last but not least...mary hunt sold one of my bags a couple of weeks ago and said there might be a call for 8" X 8" sizes. this is a start for one and i promise to show the finished product, as BRILLIANT IDEAS float around my head, heh heh heh.

HAVE A WONDERFUL WORK WEEK ahead my friends...and if you are retired or a stay at "homer" and happily creating, well then...HAPPY CREATING WEEK!