Saturday, March 19, 2011

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE...i'm in love with it ALL!

i just want ya' all to know how great it is to be born in this age of computers...whether it be classes away somewhere or on-line in your very own little house...
i am posting ALL my recent practices after taking ALISA BURKES class, SKETCHING DELIGHT.
it has been a delight, i tell you! her approach is so UN scary, and straight forward enough to just TAKE OFF...going for IT! imagine...watercolors, resevoir filled brushes to take with you, ANYWHERE you want! stepping off from learning acrylics and being able to combine all things, these days! MIXED MEDIA knows no boundaries...and TEACHERS.....INCREDIBLE!!!
and not to leave out the wonderful COMARADERIE that comes with all of "YOU's" and the sharing we do!!!
i am sharing all my boo boos and antics here...letting you know and sharing how grateful i am to be a part of this artistic's so EXCITING to be an older woman and learn new and wonderful things, that shall keep the PASSION alive FOREVER!