Friday, October 12, 2018

OCTOBER is already almost half over...

 I started an
owl series
couple of days ago...
("start living to change")

 I just haven't
done hardly any series...

it was so much fun!
And I had to
let the ink dry
between each one.

 Next will be
the need to
mat's and frames
without driving the price up.

as I continue
and frustratingly,
to figure out the doggone
comment settings...
so that I might hear from you.
It isn't working right now.

I hope you
have a beautiful weekend.

Our prayers right now
include those in
the hurricane area.

I like to give credit whenever possible.
I took an Tracy Verdugo class
that started all of this.
I think it was called "wonky owls".
So I am sure there is a resemblance,
yet I have been practicing for quite some
time and am trying to go far and away
from her likeness.
And I am starting to exaggerating their ears,
which I think,
brings more personality to each.
Impossible maybe to do so completely.
The inks have the same colors.
And it's not the easiest to completely
alter an owl... I continue, who knows.
I was just thinking about a little flowered hat on one of them.
And thought the "art curator" looks like
he's wearing

dapper scarf! (enter smile)