Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's day...and this week...

what a great day...there were 19 of us...
6 mother's in all!!!!

four days later...

...heeeerrress Landon, my great nephew, with a trophy

from lizard funny, he walked around

with the thing on his shoulder, FOREVER!

zack is in the background, another great nephew

showing his best face, and grandma cookie in the background!

these are the ones that have won the battle,

over the condo's...the red house has a pair of sparrows,

dwelling like little slobs with their nests hangin' out

half the time...

and the gorgeous turquoise headed swallows,

took up residence in the blue house...

they put up a fierce battle with some darling blue birds,

and won out...the swallows are dilitgent, like little century's

stand guard at the front door!!