Tuesday, June 26, 2012


 ...and yet, another piece of a painting that i layered over the top

 ...and then another...so they are no longer visable, except in my computer...i should make cards out of them, yes!

 barrel stays, that broke and richard saved for me to paint...i shall be fashioning them into something COOL!

 ...and i KNOW that one of these boards will HAVE to have this particular knob encorporated into the piece of work :))

 ...and this is just a little teeny PIECE of a very large painting of the ocean and YES...
even some "M" birds. that makes me smile. i never ever dreamed i'd be painting M-birds, but this painting just called out for them! the entire collage is painted over with a palette knife. wanda has been all over the place with her paints, heh heh!

...and lastly...i posted this mug shot of me on face book as bunches of people didn't know what i looked like...now they do, as you, if ya' haven't seen me wandering around your town yet! HA!

i am going on a break to finish up a lot of paintings and work for the artwalk, in august. i have only shown pieces and parts of my paintings, because, if you come to the artwalk, i want you to have a surprise or two :)) ...more on that later...see you in about a month.

i hope you are all having a wonderful summer vacation, or a wonderful season, depending on what part of the earth you inhabit!