Thursday, August 18, 2011


...and...finally...i painted yesterday. i painted and painted and painted my way into positivity! "tears will continue to bubble up and catch me off guard", my friend janet reminds me...that's okay, it's healing we know! katie, you know your mom's presence has been on my mind lately, so strong the sense, the UNsense. there is love, there is healing. jane, same thing, i think mom will meet your two moms and NANA, seeing the thread that sews us together...the importance of it, the Beauty of it! XO

i've been knitting and crocheting, it's been theraputic of late. i finished two throws and one pillow to match (sort of ish, you know me :)), "no matchy matchy"!

ahh...Nana! the time has flown in so many ways, yet stood still at times with no forward or back. and then the memory of my mama's mama...when i thought nana was leaving forever, i found out she'd be back to whisper in my ear and forever teaches me still...

our girl, showed up at the artwalk thursday nite. she stunned and surprised me, supporting me and holding me up that entire evening. it wasn't in me at the time to celebrate. God's gifts are bountiful!

"sundown" yesterday

the moon, in the distance, high up on a hill with a tree in front of it, such wonder, such beauty!i wish YOU ALL, a peaceful and wondrous weekend!