Monday, May 11, 2009

Dj' Pettit's class / Altered Photo Journals

Original Photo that is altered below.
This is the altered photo.

I did most of it in dj's class, then finished it here at home.

What a magical class this was!

The foundation is canvas cloth she gave us.

Altered photo next: clear gesso,

modeling paste,

acrylic paints.

Then some sewing.

Heat pressed to make it pliable for a journal ( i'm not doing that, going to make it a hanging)

The foundation edges are:

hand dyed cheese cloth

hand dyed doily

strips of various fabrics

stamped tea bags

sewn on oak twig with a minature oak gall on one end

These were all either sewn on or matte medium applied.

And if you enlarge the photo, you will see "caw caw" in the bottom corner.

What magic, what fun. Dj can also help you fix anything you don't like or are unhappy about. She has an amazing amount of tricks up her sleeve and CREATIVENESS outside of the box!!!