Wednesday, February 29, 2012


 Miz Katie's painting and Wanda's fibers...our collaboration is lost in the mail...or could still turn was just the start of something good...but we aren't giving up...stay tuned!
 i promised drucilla that i would post her handspun yarn and pretty cotton thrown in when i was finished! she was so prompt in getting it to me, SO forgive me for my lateness, drucilla, it's finally here on my page for you! XO
here it is on the umbrella swift, drucilla...i was dancing all around until i could get it up and knitted!!!
 even if you don't spin, weave or knit...her site on etsy and her blog are WONDERFUL to peruse, you won't be sorry if you just take a gander!
 as you can see in the previous photo, the yarn/wool part of this gorgeous neckwear is from drucilla's,, Agathe...too ewey cute i say!!!
 as most of you know, i used to keep sheep and i miss this part...but there are still those out there, like DRUCILLA that keep this art alive!
 these photo's just can't do justice to the beauty of DRUCILLA'S handspun lusciousness...but i shall be sporting it on my coat to work today, it's freezing here and shall land on my exposed ears, mainly.
 it's been a dry, spring-like winter here in nor cal this year...until saturday night. we forgot and left  a rainbird on and had our own little winter wonderland-scape in the morning :))
i hope this wednesday is finding you all healthy, dry and warm!