Sunday, October 24, 2010

Learning More Wonderful Techniques!!!

i am taking julie prichard's and chris cozens, "texture town" class. and it is so yummy, fun, hard, and worth all the patient labor. julie's classes are so wonderful, i ALWAYS come away with such wonder! her classes are so affordable and stay up forever for one to refer back to. this texture class for instance is much more than that, it's also about color use in the "aged" look and about layering and layering and layering some more with paint, paint, paint! you can find julie on http://thelandoflostluggage/!!
These are a few sampler panels that i'll keep for reference...i NEVER do that, i always turn my class paintings into whatever, and then i can't remember what i did, soo...this time i was a good student and know it will pay off.

the true colors are right in between these two photos, below...

it's pouring down rain and that is where i catch my best lighting, especially with something like this with all the layers

it reads: "silence is in whispers"
on the woman's chest