Thursday, July 8, 2010

Island of Cebu / New painting

these are all shots on the island of cebu...Pedro took us in his fishing boat...about an hour from santa catalina, panama...a wondrous RIDE and wondrous day on the island!
exposed palm tree roots, when the tide was out
(all the photos can be enlarged)
it was such fun examining all things caught in the roots

if BOATS could talk, eh?...

these two children, were one of my fondest delights on our trip.

this little girl was using the back of the boat for a sand box for a long time...then along came her brother...they played forever, then...the little boy dragged a huge log to the back of the boat, placing it strategically like an outboard motor, gave orders to his little sister, who then jumped into the front of the revved up the engine and she pretended to hold on tight...he softly spouted new orders and she threw an anchor over the left side of the boat...then her brother gave added orders...she pulled in anchor, flung (with gusto) it over the right side of the boat into the pretend brink...she turned around, said something, they smiled then laughed at one i sat in the distance with a smile in my heart!

fishing boats that are used daily...along with a couple of beach buzzards!

"holding on to the sweetest things in life"