Saturday, May 5, 2012

THE busy bee MONTH of MAY!

 Practice in my journal...challenge; pencil and one watercoler and just be free...

 i needed some creative tags to put on my 'FOR SALE bags...j.jill always pins these little envelopes

on their garments with an extra button inside...they are so cute...

 i took each one and added some collage text, painted and inked 'em up! and voila? some yarn and they are ready to hang on the purses...very fun indeed!

 i constantly need little button push pins that i sell along with the cardboard paintings, so i went to town one morning painting THEM up! theraputic fun i'd say...
 almost ready for their paintings :))

 we have a little girl, chloe in my afterschool care. i've shown some of her paintings here lately. this little first grader is so creative and imaginative, i can't wait to see what she'll come up with, each and every day.
so here's a little story:
one night, while locking up, i glanced out on the field and saw so many uniform sweatshirts, i ran out and started gathering them.
then, under the monkey bars i noticed a paper plate half buried in the bark, "what the heck is this" i said right out loud to myself...lifted it up and started chuckling!
i looked inside for the tag and a name...yep...CHLOE. oh chloe, what must have gone on out here and wanda didn't even see.

and for all our enjoyment and pleasure...i am forever drying flower boquets and couldn't believe how gorgeous these daffodils dried...continuing SPRING!!