Tuesday, January 31, 2012


i know this has looked like the dead zone around here...
 ...still working and studying and painting with misty...
out tumbled the WORDS...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


 i have so much more to share...but my computer reception is bonky.
these little ditties are like starting to learn to paint and draw all over again!
 i am taking misty mawn's OPEN STUDIO on line class, and SHE is keeping us busy, by the MINUTES!!! no time to lollygag around.
 and then in between class and life, this is a WIP...
i feel a little house series coming up :)!
i shall share that, i have learned much in about one day to fill a lifetime of art from misty!
and there just aren't enough hours to share it all...but i want to say this, coming from a self-taught artist as many of us are...
i feel i've learned backwards, but its A-OKAY...
it has/is teaching me to paint and see better...i get so excited over these revelations, i promise not to go off on this subject, in all good ways!

i hope all my friends are CREATING AWAY with WILD ABANDON (or just painting away!)


P.s. i have not visited around the net, misty is driving us hard!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


 This started out as an intuitive painting, again. And it was many things before this came to me. It is so astounding and surprising what comes from our imaginations when we let it flow.
 After applying regular paint and then open acrylics with a palette knife, i picked up a brush, didn't like it, then another and another...hmmmm....
 I went back to the palette knife and then another palette knife, and fell in love and dug in! Richard my husband made a special frame for me out of smashed copper piping...it found it's home surrounding the little neighborhood :))
I feel so blessed to have found this absolute painting passion in my life. And i am so fortunate to have many persons involved with myself and this endeavor. i never knew that one could feel so profound over this gift.

i hope that you too, are exploring your gifts, stepping out of the box OFTEN, and loving life for all it throws us!

wanda xoxo

Thursday, January 5, 2012

FIBER ART!!! with a little painting thrown in...

my entry into CLOTH PAPER SCISSORS postcard contest...it had to be at least 50 percent cloth. i loved doing this, i love attempting new excursions. and what better time than the new year!
 the magazine peeps suggested writing them encouraging words on the back of the postcard, not that they need it. i adore this mag!
 i finished a scarf last night after purchasing someone elses, hand spun...getting to my own soon, just need to give them some colors to float in...yummmy!

 i'm not real sure what i am going to turn this into...i have toyed with a pillow top, a funky scarf, or a baby blanket...we'll see if i can stop knitting long enough...i just become obsessed in the winter time to knit up a storm!

...and there are no storms here in northern california yet. not even rain, it's been close to 70 for days and i am NOT COMPLAINING. yes we need snow and rain, but i can't do anything to change that, so...am basking in this spring time weather!

                                                      HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


                                           ...i started out with an intuitive painting using some colors i am in love with together! for the first time in my life i actually wrote them down for reference. then painted with left over paints on some other papers (the norm for me) THE colors are: Golden; pyrrole red, naples yellow hue, green gold and then (sky blue claudine hellmuth)
                                                           ...then a couple of days later, i decided to paint a portrait with the same paints just to see what might come from it...well, i fell in love with the soft easy look, not sure if she is retreating or emerging...no matter...she's simply done and listening and melting into the soft music :))   annnd...i popped her into my etsy a few minutes ago :0