Sunday, May 6, 2012

i've only just BEGUN!!!

 MONOTYPE PRINT to start, then this was a ghost from that, then watercolors..

 ditto with this one, same as the first post...

 fun mono's with 3 colors

 and more MONOTYPE PRINTS, squished...these were all over the studio floor drying, from yesterday and today!  a SEA OF COLOR...good for DREAMS!

 carving around the circles from above, so fun!

{did these 3 backward}
 this is  the very last step (or maybe not)
 in between layers...

the first of about 3 layers

this has been a blast, taking alisa burke's abstract class. in looking at just a few i've shown us here, you'd never believe how much i have learned...for instance, i thought i'd just about layered my brains out...well not by a long shot after doing many of these.
and then one starts to see things differently, wonderfully, abstract-ally, even supposedly correctly! our last class is tomorrow :(
and i can't wait to put a lot of this together!
THANK YOU ALISA for a freedom fest and eye opener!