Monday, May 23, 2011


i joyfully worked all weekend on some smaller pieces, affordable, yet from my heart for the next art walk...she doesn't have her words yet, but i'm sure they are going to be sad or yi yi...maybe it's time for some smiling paintings...and yet, i'm sure you understand...that just isn't what was inside of me at the time. :)) YOU CAN ENLARGE TWICE! i'd also like to share...that so many of my collage pieces are from using my left over paint on magazine pages...they lend themselves with "just the right punch" sometimes...and then Diane, some of the words that show up can be so humorous or deep! I PROMISE to invite you the next time we go to high hand nursery, :)). the polka dots are a sheer fabric sewn onto the watercolor paper...there were some super sad words under there, now no one will have a clue, but YOU!

HEY...well i guess i COULD be a mayor some day...but i don't think i'd really like that :))

Cracks for Carolyn in the Candy's!

Cracks in the crevices and wall...for carolyn! i wish you all a wonderful week ahead, ahh monday again. xoxo